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art by caeli harman

art by caeli harman

In the 1830s, the telegraph was the first form of long distance communication invented. In the 1870s, the telephone was invented, allowing businesses, noble houses, and eventually, almost every citizen to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with each other.

Soon enough, letter-writing became buried under the introduction of new technology. Now, the act of writing a letter to a friend, a loved one, or to any others seems to be a lost art. 

Along with love, hearts, chocolate, and candy, another connotation alongside Valentine’s Day is love letters. To send a letter to a loved one, to confess your fears and admirations. But letter-writing is not confined to a single holiday.

Nowadays, with everything done virtually, it gets tiring to stare at a screen all day long, whether it’s computers, televisions, or phone screens. 

People start to cherish the small things, such as meeting friends for the first time in a while or going to the store and seeing real live people!

Meeting face to face with someone is a personal encounter, as you really get to see that person. During times like quarantine, it’s hard to do things like that as often, so it’s difficult to really get a personalized experience with a friend or significant other.

art by caeli harman

When someone writes a letter to a friend or loved one, they’re taking the time out of their life to do so. The things they write can be personal, lighthearted, or fun.

When someone receives a letter from a friend or loved one, they’re receiving something so unique to their sender that it’s almost similar to seeing them in person. It’s different from getting an email or a text message, because it’s something that someone took the time to hand-write and send, which is what makes it so special. 

When writing a letter, you’re not confined to a small chat box with a word limit or a zoom screen with a time limit. You’re free to write about anything and everything. Your only limit may be the amount of postage stamps you have with you.

Included in this article are different sentence starters if you’re having trouble with what to write about in your next letter, letter salutations, and how to address a letter.

Dear/Dearest _______, how have you been? I’ve been ______. (now write what you have been up to since you last saw/contacted this person.)


Hello _______, I’ve been wondering about __________ and I was wondering what you thought on it?

What’s up _______?  (a simple greeting such as this can go a long way)


Sincerely, ________

Yours truly, ________

Love, _______

Wretchedly, ________

With love, _________

Hope you’re well, _________