photo used with permission from Rose Ann Marshall

Rose Ann Marshall’s Meet day Routine

It’s the little things that help athletes perform at their peak. Rose Ann Marshall describes her meet day routine;

“After I’m done weighing in, I would have Trista Dow (manager) braid my hair as I eat my chocolate Crunch bar and beef jerky. Then, I would start practicing and warming up before the matches begin. Once matches start, I would stretch and pace around from behind the chairs just to make sure I’m warmed up and ready to go. I give myself a little pep talk and take one last drink of water before my match is up. As I walk to the table to confirm my name, I give myself one last, little pep talk and then I go out and get the job done,” Marshall says.

left photo is the beginning of Marshall’s wresting career, photo on the right is where she is today

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