Tips for those struggling

You're Not Alone

January 28, 2021

“Start with the basics.  Assess things like sleep, nutrition and exercise.  Reach out to friends, family or trusted adults and share what’s going on. If things are not improving, then talk to one of the counseling services staff at the high school or your family physician. We can help you determine next steps,” Ash says.

“Just focus on things that make you feel distracted. Low energy hobbies that help you feel better, even just for small increments.”

— Dane

“Please if you are struggling or not feeling yourself in any way please reach out, we are all here to help you.  Connect in with your counselor, an adult you feel comfortable with, a friend but please know that we all want to help you.  We care about you and will help you and connect you with the resources to help you.   The biggest takeaway would be that please if you are concerned about a friend, please encourage them to talk to a trusted adult, please advocate for them and reach out to a member of the Counseling Services staff.  With the pandemic on top of the winter months it’s important that we all work together to make sure that everyone is getting the help that they need,” Natzke says

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