Senior Year: Round Two

January 28, 2021


High school senior, Madelyn Falk, poes in her graduation cap and gown in 2017.

Madelyn Falk

University of Wisconsin Madison

  • What extracurriculars/clubs were you involved in during high school?
    • I was a part of Norwegian Dancers, Dance Team, and Student Senate, and was the Treasurer for my class every year. But I also participated in random activities throughout high school, like Prom Committee, National Honor Society, competitive dance, etc.
  • What do you wish you had done differently in high school?
    • I was fortunate enough to have a really great high school experience though I wish I would have cherished time with friends a little bit more. I was constantly busy with extracurriculars and usually used my free time to be lazy, when I wish I would have been spending time with my friends and meeting new people.
  • Have your plans for the future changed since high school graduation? (Do you still plan on going into the same profession, has your major changed, etc.)
    • Oh yes! My future plans have changed immensely since high school. I changed my major from Biochemistry to Biology to Pharmaceutical Sciences and back to Biochemistry, until I finally landed on Genetics and Genomics. I thought I wanted to go to Pharmacy School and have since decided to pursue Genetic Counseling. I also discovered I love communicating, marketing, and writing about science and have added a double major, Life Sciences Communication.
  • How is college different than you expected?
    • College is both the hardest but best years of your life. Before college, I never realized I could be so stressed but also so happy, and am so thankful for where I am now. I’ve learned so much in my classes, and even MORE outside of them, and I’ve met the most amazing people. Though I loved high school, I love college more, and I can confidently say I would not be who I am today if I did not attend the University of Wisconsin.
  • What advice do you wish someone had given you before going into college?
    Now a senior in college, Falk will soon graduate from UW Madison. (photos used with permission from madelyn falk)
    • Set goals for yourself but take it day by day! You want to aim high and strive for success, but it’s okay to be flexible and change what “success” means to you. Getting all “A’s” may mean success to you now, but getting all “B’s” the semester you have a dream internship may mean success to you later. Encourage yourself, be yourself, and forgive yourself.
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