Senior Year: Round Two

January 28, 2021


High school senior, Payton Kahl, takes her senior portraits for 2017.

Payton Kahl

Universty of Minnesota- Duluth

  • What extracurriculars/clubs were you involved in during high school?
    • In high school I was involved in basketball, tennis, track and field and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
  • What do you wish you had done differently in high school?
    • I wish I would have been even more involved in high school. Join more clubs and teams! Attend games, activities, events, meetings. Don’t miss out on the fun extracurriculars that you can do in high school, those are the things that made high school enjoyable for me and I wish I would have done more!
  • Have your plans for the future changed since high school graduation? (Do you still plan on going into the same profession, has your major changed, etc.)
    • Yes! My plans have changed since coming into college. I was originally majoring in psychology. Now, I am in the business school majoring in Marketing and continuing on to get my MBA after this year.
  • How is college different than you expected?
    • College is different than I expected. There is a lot less actual class meeting time and more on your own work that you have to find motivation to do yourself. I also did not expect to grow so much as a person and learn how to be independent.
  • What advice do you wish someone had given you before going into college?
    • I wish someone would have told me it is completely fine to not know exactly what you want to do the rest of your life going into college. College is the time to see what is out there and find your passion. Don’t feel pressured to have everything figured out when you graduate high school.

      Current senior, Payton Kahl awaits graduation from UM Duluth. (photos used with permission from payton kahl)
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