Quarantine Qlub Quells Isolation Blues


art by caeli harman

Max Fitzgerald, Associate Editor-in-Chief, News Editor

Have you ever found yourself sitting at home after a long day of virtual learning, bored out of your mind, missing your friends? Do you just miss the days where you could goof off and laugh with pals? Either way, you’re not alone. 

On April 2, when we were less than a month into the quarantine that we still find ourselves in, SHS graduate Sam Baughn created a group-chat on Discord–a social media app that allows users to text, voice-chat, videocall, listen to music together, etc!– to keep up with friends while still practicing social distancing. The formatting of Discord allows for a variety of activities, with separate channels for gaming, music, politics, movie-nights, study groups, and more! While it may not be the same as in-person get togethers, it can certainly take the edge off. 

Art Nights

Given a prompt, ranging from “Abstract” (right) to “Sir Isaac Newton in a Bucket” (left), Qlub members are given a limited amount of time to create and submit a masterpiece fitting the description. 

art by Claire Hoppe (10)
art by sol ringen (12)

Game Nights

Thanks to the magic of the internet, gaming with your friends despite distance is no problem. Jackbox offers a variety of fun collaborative games to play with your peers– including quirky t-shirt design contests, Mad Libs style rap battles, and more! Not willing to pay to download? Try Backyard instead for some free group games with a similar vibe.

Movie Nights

Similar to Zoom, Discord allows for users to share their screen with others, making it easy to watch movies or binge shows as a group. Set aside some time for you and your friends to watch an old favorite, or start a new Netflix series you’ve been meaning to see, all from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can comment and goof along in Discord’s chat feature while watching, too! 

photo used with permission from delia meier