You are Diminishing My Struggles


Rachel Callahan, Feature's & Cover Story Editor

While you may be thriving with your current school work load, achieving 100% on all of your exams and even having two hours at night to hang out with friends, other students may not be. Some of us are falling behind in homework, trying our best but not passing tests, and spending our nights studying and worrying about getting through the next day.

But other students are doing just fine and want harder work. So I should too, right? Not at all. Just because somebody around us is succeeding in their current environment, this does not diminish our own struggles because every student is different. If you want harder work, there are many different ways to ask for extra homework, but if I am in the seat next to you, drowning in the current environment, you don’t have the place to tell me that I should be doing fine, and in fact, should simply just work harder.

Although for some of us high school is coming to an end, personally, I would rather look back on my experience and think of the fun memories instead of focusing on how it could have been harder.

If your biggest challenge right now is trying to push yourself harder in school, good for you. But for some of us, that is the least of our worries. Your personal aspirations for more hours in school may be my personal nightmare.

Each student is entitled to their own opinion. While some students thought ending the school day at 11 was a walk in the park, others were dealing with hardships in our lives, and were challenged. Nobody has the place to tell me that school is easy and I just need to try harder.

Our current schedule brings new challenges to conquer, and a new proposal of 5 days a week with combining cohorts adds to more everyday worries. We are juggling a pandemic and our livelihoods along with succeeding in school, after all. And I think that is quite the feat in and of itself. This is for students to decide, and yet again, it’s more change and stress in each of our lives.

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