The Language of Birth Flowers

Birth flowers date back to at least the 18th and 19th century, when the language of flowers, floriography, was popular. During this time, giving a flower to someone didn’t just signify your gratitude or love. Instead, it held a specific representation of a person’s care or in some cases, offense! Below are the birth flowers for each month and what those flowers mean. Next time your mother’s, friend’s, or significant other’s birthday comes around, think about getting them a gift that goes beyond the superficial into a deeper understanding of your care towards them.


Carnations vary in coloring. Dark red, means deep love, white for innocence, and pink for affection. A Snowdrop signifies hope and beauty, as it’s one of the first flowers to grow in the spring.


Violets signify loyalty, faithfulness, and watchfulness. Primroses are one of the first flowers to grow from the snow, so it’s no surprise they mean something you can’t live without.


A Jonquil is a variant of Daffodil, also known as the Narcissus flower. Giving this flower to someone means “unequaled love,” or a love that cannot be rivaled.


Daisies convey innocence and purity, along with loyal love. However, given to a friend it could mean you’ll keep a secret of theirs you’ll never tell. Sweetpeas can be used to say good

bye to someone you love. 


Lilies of the Valley signify sweetness, humility and a return to happiness. Hawthorns represent hope and supreme happiness; great to give someone who you wish to get well soon. 


Red roses say “I love you,” pink ro

ses mean perfect happiness, and white roses imply innocence and new beginnings. Honeysuckle symbolizes everlasting love; great to give to a significant other or best friend. 


White larkspur implies a happy nature, purple represents first love, blue symbolizes grace, but generally larkspur conveys strong bonds of love. Water lilies symbolize purity and majesty.


Gladiolus, or “sword lily,” means being “pierced by love” along with infatuation, integrity, and remembrance. White poppies offer condolences, yellow gives wishes to success, and red means life’s pleasure.


Asters convey feelings of powerful love, and according to folklore, they used to be burned to ward off serpents! Morning Glories are simple signs of affection to give to a loved one.


Marigolds symbolize prosperity, optimism, and grief of a loved one. Some cultures say the flower guides souls to

the afterlife. Cosmos convey peace and order as of it’s symmetrical shape.


In Japanese culture, the Chrysanthemum is a symbol of youth and the sun. Other meanings include “I love you” for red “mums” and pure love for white mums.


Holly represents hope and happiness. While December & March share a birth flower, December claims the paper-white Narcissus. Given to your loved one, it means you wish for them to stay just the way they are.