2020-21 Sports Highlights

Emma Phillips, Staff Writer, Artist


“I’m pretty confident with the future of our track team. There’s athletes with tons of potential who have the ability to make an impact. We want to make Stoughton well known again in track, and I believe we can do that.” -Team Captain, Carter Keo (12) 

Indoor meet at UW-Whitewater where Keo set a PR in the 55 meter dash and finished top 3 in finals. (photo submitted by Carter Keo)


“I believe there is a very bright future for the tennis team. The past year, I truly felt like there was a great support system within the team, and everyone got along very well. I also think the skill of the team will advance, as well. Many girls have so much potential, and I think they will become fantastic tennis players.” -Team Captain, Annika Goetz (12)

Goetz gears up for a serve during practice (photo submitted by Annika Goetz)

Girl’s Cross Country

“I have no doubt the cross country team will continue to grow as a family and become better than ever. The future of the team is unstoppable!!” -Team Captain, Rachel Callahan (12)

Gina Owen (12) runs 3.1 miles for a home competition. (photo submitted by Rachel Callahan and given with permission by Gina Owen)

Boy’s Cross Country

“The seasons have been great. As of right now, the future of the team looks great as it has some amazing people coming in to take over for all of us who are leaving.” -Team Captain, Christian Smith (12)

Smith runs on the Stoughton cross country course for a race. (photo submitted by Christian Smith)


“We have really young teams with a ton of potential, so I only see the programs going up from here!” -Team Captain, Tessa Pickett (12)

Photo of the volleyball team at practice. (photo submitted by Tessa Pickett)


“This season, Savanna Jemilo and Grace Ott hit grand slams in back to back games–that would probably have to be the highlight of our season so far.”  -Team Captain, Tessa Pickett (12)

Photo of the softball team during practice (photo submitted by Tessa Pickett)


“I am very eager to see how the boys hockey team performs in the future. We had a very young team, over half of it was freshmen and sophomores. But now that they have a year of high school hockey under them, I am confident they can perform well next year.” -Team Captain, Zayne Zeichert (12)

Group photo of Zach Wahlin (12) (left), Tyler Peterson (12) (middle), and Zayne Zeichert (12) (right)
(photo submitted by Zayne Zeichert)