A Glimpse Into Club Sports

SHS athletes are gearing up for their winter season. For students in club sports, however, the grind from the fall continues. Numerous sports, including tennis and softball, are offered through organizations in the Dane County area, and elsewhere, giving athletes opportunities to improve their skills year round.
Junior Teagan Pickett is a seasoned athlete both at SHS and beyond. Pickett participates in softball, basketball, and volleyball through school during their respective seasons, but also can be found in alternate settings when it comes to softball.
“I play for Team Heat. It’s an organization out of Janesville,” she says. “I started playing softball when I was about four probably, […] and I started playing club softball in eighth grade […] I had a spring combined season with Team Heat, so I decided to go there.”
After being drawn to club softball, Pickett noted the differences in how the team operated in comparison to her previous endeavors through school.
“I’d say club sports are definitely a lot more competitive, and there’s a lot more work that goes into them,” she says. “School sports are very intensive during the season, but out-of-season sports practice year round, and do tournaments year round as well.”
This increased vigor appealed to Pickett, along with the concept of playing more often. Additionally, she enjoys spending more time with athletes who share her passion for softball.
“When you get into club sports, there are definitely a lot of people that have a lot of drive to keep playing. So there’s a lot of motivation present, which is a good atmosphere,” Pickett says.
Club Sports are also a good way to meet athletes from nearby cities and to foster friendships with students who you may not have met otherwise.
“I enjoy getting to know people from other places. There are some people on my club team that are from Illinois, […] there are some people that are from Spring Green,” Pickett says, noting how members of Team Heat come from many places.
Pickett highly recommends students considering joining club sports to enroll. “I’d say it’s a really good opportunity to get better and continue to improve your skills,” she says, “especially if there is a team or goal that you have for a Stoughton High School team.”
She also ensures that these groups are not limited to serious athletes. Pickett says, “There are definitely many different levels of organization, so it could be a fun opportunity based on whatever skill level or competition level you want to pursue.”