The Shack is Back


photo by clare borchardt

Senate members smile by this year’s mobile Shack

The Shack, a cheap and time-saving favorite, has returned to SHS. This Student Senate-led service is back up and running after a long hiatus over many hectic, COVID-19 affected months.
The stand, which currently sells a variety of hot beverages, started serving students and educators at the beginning of November. Kathleen Kasberg is the advisor of Student Senate, and she is glad the service has been reopened.
“It’s a great way to just brighten people’s day,” Kasberg says. “It’s been a good way just to connect and hopefully start people’s day off well, because it’s been a hard year.”
COVID-19 changed many people and things, including Stoughton’s little Shack. This year, things might look a little different than before.
According to Kasberg, the biggest change has been using a mobile cart outdoors to sell drinks rather than the classic indoor counter located in the exhibition hallway.
“The main reason [the shack is now outside] is due to the time constraints with students waiting outside to come in before school in the mornings,” Kasberg says.
The little cart can be spotted in the areas where students congregate before the doors open at 8:15 a.m. “Mondays and Fridays, there’s three students in the front of the school selling drinks,” Kasberg says. “On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there’s three [students] in the back.”
According to Kasberg, the Shack generally runs from about 8:05 a.m. to around 8:15 a.m., but will sometimes stay open longer depending on how late students are making their way into the building.
Some students have noticed that an old favorite is currently missing from the Shack. The service sells hot coffee, hot chocolate, and a variety of teas, all for $1, but it does not currently offer iced coffee or Stoughton merchandise. Many are wondering if these will return.
“We’re planning on selling merch during the lunch periods twice a month. […] My guess is that we’ll start that in December,” Kasberg says. As for iced coffee, “I’m not opposed to it […] Keep an eye out.”
Senior Nadia Olveda, a Student Senate member responsible for scheduling other members to work at the Shack, offers her perspective on bringing back one of these beloved items.
“Bringing back iced coffee would be amazing! I think [it] would increase the amount of students buying coffee in the mornings,” Olveda says.
As the weather continues to steer into winter, Senate and the Shack will simply be flexible to best serve the school.
“If students are waiting outside, we’ll be there for them,” Kasberg says. “If students start coming inside, we’ll adjust and just work with the school to see what’s possible.”