Which Peanuts Character are You

For over 70 years, Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” have brought joy and laughter to many. Through comic strips, timeless holiday specials, unforgettable soundtracks, and distinct characters, the “Peanuts” franchise has managed to wiggle its way into the holiday traditions of families across the nation. With the “Peanuts” franchise being such a staple to many homes and holiday seasons, I think it goes without saying that this calls for a “Peanuts” quiz. I mean, what is Thanksgiving without Charlie Brown? Without any further ado, it’s time to find out which of the beloved cartoon characters you are!

1.There’s a party happening this weekend. Are you going?

a. I would, but I probably wasn’t invited.
b. I’m going to go with my friends!
c. I’d rather do my own thing.
d. I’m the one hosting.


2. What word best describes you?

a. Selfless
b. Considerate
c. Contemplative
d. Passionate


3. What kind of coffee do you like?

a. Hot with cream and sugar
b. Anything with whipped cream
c. I prefer tea
d. Black cold brew


4. What is your love language?

a. Gift Giving
b. Words of affirmation
c. Quality time
d. Acts of service


5. What is your favorite subject in school?

a. Language Arts
b. Art
c. History
d. Psychology


6. What is your favorite sport?

a. Baseball
b. No thanks
c. Chess
d. Football


7. When do you study for a test?

a. I try to cram the night before.
b. We had a test?
c. Throughout the entire unit.
d. I don’t need to study.


8. What is your favorite color?
a. Yellow
b. Pink
c. Red
d. Blue

Charlie Brown
Good grief! If you checked mostly A’s, then you got Charlie Brown! You put everyone else’s needs above your own, and sometimes people take advantage of that. You usually have the right answers, but people rarely listen to you. You’re pretty insecure, and you don’t feel like people appreciate you, but at the end of the day, people are thankful for you and all that you do.
If you checked mostly B’s, you got Sally! Sassy and sweet, you’re always looking out for everyone’s best interests (while making the occasional snarky comment, of course). While you can be a bit of a drama queen, your radiant smile, adorable demeanor, and compassionate actions make up for it.
If you checked mostly C’s, then you got Linus! You have a way of bringing people together. You’re wise beyond your years yet still a child at heart. You’re not afraid to stray from the crowd, even if that means you spend some time alone. Your kind words and positive attitude make for a better world around you, and while you get pushed around every now and then, people generally respect you and your ideas.
If you checked mostly D’s, then you got Lucy! You’re always looking out for number one. You know what you want, and you know exactly how to make other people get it for you. You’re stubborn and strong and a little bit intimidating. However, you are loyal and you show up for the people that you care about, even if you don’t want them to know.