Movement Through Media


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SHS’s LMC, run by Cathy Gargano and Joan Myszkowski, is running its own Black History Month movement through the use of media and literature.
Black History Month is a symbol of remembrance for the nation on the events in the history of the African diaspora. It is a celebration of the progression and goal of true independence for Black Americans today.
“For Black History Month we’ve always done something in the library,” Gargano says.
According to Gargano, the LMC’s goal for the month was stated very clearly, in that they want to give students and staff a stern reminder that “Black History Month isn’t just one month of the year. We should be celebrating Black history and women’s history and Native American history and all these [cultures and groups] that have a dedicated month. We should be celebrating this every year, or every month of the year.”
Gargano and Myszkowski have set up multiple posters around the LMC that portray famous Black role models and their history as well as a literature section filled with books written by Black authors or portray their stories.
“In Book Club, we specifically chose books that would go with Black History Month–either [with] an African American author or characters in the book,” Gargano says.
The professional development that the district puts on for staff members includes equity circles. These are groups of staff members run by a facilitator. These equity circles, Gargano explains, allow staff members to become more comfortable with the topic of Black history and to be better able to speak to students about it in the future. Gargano explains that these equity circles are key to educating staff members about Black history to be able to teach students.
“We have readings that we do every time we have a professional development [day]. I think getting staff more comfortable talking about it is important as well, because I think a lot of times we’re afraid to say something because we don’t want to say the wrong thing,” Gargano says. “The professional development that we’re getting helps us become more comfortable talking to students about it. I think forming groups like that gives us an outlet and a place to discuss. I think that is important as well.”
Gargano also provides students and staff members who ask with a self-made presentation on the reasons the LMC is celebrating Black History Month as well as helpful insight on Black role models, quotes, sources, and plans of action.
“We’re doing this to lift people up and hopefully to help people get along better and understand each other better,” Gargano says.