Hot Takes

SHS Students Share Their Most Controversial Opinions


High school: a place where many go to learn more and to be more, but what some forget is that in high school, students have the freedom to form their own opinions and thoughts. Stoughton’s own student body has their own complicated opinions from whether or not pineapple belongs anywhere near pizza to what the best place in town is. Together let’s go through some of the opinions our peers share and…hey, wait a minute. What did you say about Culvers?



photo by brooke thrall

“Spotify is better than Apple Music!” – Brooke Thrall (12)




photo by charlie mcclure



“McDonalds is better than Culvers.” – Quinn Bonti (11)


photo by page dawn photography




“We should be allowed to use glitter pens on our AP exams.” – Evelyn Collins (12)



art by autumn evenso




“Cake for birthdays isn’t the move; it’s brownies.” – Anders Gausman (10)


photo by shaylyn braun




“The best pizza has jalapeño and pineapple. Period.” -Aiden Kirby (12)




photo by sara knickmeier


“Babies and toddlers shouldn’t be allowed on public seating in airplanes, or it should cost more for a child’s ticket.” – Elsie Astle (12)


art by autumn evenson



“Lemons taste good by themselves.” – Hannah Wacker (9)


photo by luke vienneau




“We should make bathrooms divided into the pee room and the poop room, not the “boys” room and the “girls” room.” – Luke Vienneau (12)



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“Kwik trip is the best place in Stoughton.” – Ted Trotter (11)




art by autumn evenson


“Sleeping with socks should be a crime.” – Patrick

Lyons (11)