Schoolin’ Through Summer

Summer school may seem like a bore, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Hear me out, SHS should give students the option to take courses over the summer with credit.

To graduate, a student must have four full credits of English. If students were able to take English over the summer to fulfill their requirements, they could take an elective or class that they wished to take during the school year. Now, I know this may seem a bit confusing and weird. I mean why would anyone want to do school in the summer? Contrary to popular belief, even if students don’t feel the need to participate in summer programs, there are still other students who would find this option beneficial.

Summer classes would prevent the “summer brain-drain,” create flexibility in your schedule, lessen stress/workload, or allow you to graduate early. SHS only allows some students to earn some of their high school credits over the summer. Those “some” students are those who are often busy during the school year, which is understandable. However, this opportunity should be given to all.

Taking gym or English credits over the summer will free up space for students who want to take additional classes. To elaborate, there may be some students who want to take more science classes than English classes in their senior year, but that becomes pushed back due to the fact that they have to have four full credits of English.

After school, many high schoolers have a part-time job and other extra-curricular activities, leaving them with almost no time to finish their homework. If they had the opportunity to earn credit for some of their courses over the summer, they would probably have the chance to take classes with a smaller workload, allowing them to work and successfully do school.

I understand how SHS will have to put a lot of work and effort into summer school, such as having teachers take these positions or possibly even finding an online program that would work efficiently. I believe that all their actions and work would be worth it. Allowing all students to earn credit over the summer would not hurt anyone. Instead, it would give students equal benefits.