Gender Equality Club Returns To SHS


On Equal Pay Day 2018, members of the Gender Equality Club sold cookies to the students and staff at SHS. However, there was a catch. For men, cookies cost one dollar. For women, they cost eighty cents. While students enjoyed their cookies, they were also able to take the opportunity to look at gender inequality that exists within the country. After taking a two year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gender Equality club is back at SHS.
The club was formed in 2017 by SHS students who wanted to expand on what they were learning in their women’s issues class. Katy Mullen, who supervises the club and teaches women’s issues and government at SHS, says that the club was formed to give students a platform to discuss difficult topics.
“The students wanted to know, how can we be more active? How can we take the knowledge we learned in women’s issues and turn it into action?” Mullen says.
The club meets once or twice a month and discusses different topics that surround those months. Whether it be sexual assault, domestic violence, or wage inequality, club members come together to voice their thoughts and how they can make a difference in their school and community. The club will work on projects, posters, and different things to raise awareness about different topics concerning gender equality.
“I think we need a safe place for people to discuss these issues. I think that we don’t talk about these issues enough. Whatever it is that comes up, we are going to talk about it,” Mullen says.
SHS Senior and Gender Equality Club member Nadia Olveda gives insight to her experience being in the club.
“I got involved in the Gender Equality Club during my sophomore year because I had friends who encouraged me to join. I also saw this as an opportunity to become more involved in my school and promote something I feel so passionate about,” Olveda says.
Olveda says her time in the club has been rewarding.
“My experience with Gender Equality Club has always been positive, not only am I learning more about inequalities between the genders but I am also educating others at the same time. I believe that people should be treated equally regardless of gender. The club does not require an application so anyone can come to our meetings,” Olveda says.
If you are interested in getting involved in the Gender Equality club, you can contact Mullen at [email protected] or on their instagram @shs_gendereqaulityclub.