2022 Class Officer Elections

Are you interested in running for a class officer position one day? In order to run, candidates must first be a part of SHS’s student senate group. Scan the QR code for the student senate application.

In the first week of May, SHS students should expect a ballot to be delivered to them. It’s time to vote for next year’s class officers. Not only will a select few Student Senate members be elected to be representatives of their class, but will also be in charge of organizing various events throughout the school year, such as fundraisers, prom, and graduation.
Stoughton High School’s Student Senate advisor Kathleen Kasberg is glad these elections are happening again. This will be the first time class officers are being elected since before the COVID-19 pandemic shut school down. She touches on the importance of having class officers.
“[Class officers] make a difference. We think of fundraisers as a small ‘whatever’ thing we do at lunch, but if it makes prom more affordable, if it makes the senior trip free versus kids having to pay to go, that has an impact on your classmates,” Kasberg says.
According to Kasberg, not only do class officers work to improve the lives of their peers, but running for and becoming a class officer opens up valuable opportunities to strengthen lifelong skills.
“It’s a great way to develop your leadership skills, organizational skills, [and] communication [skills],” Kasberg says.
There is a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer position open for each grade. There are twelve students total running for positions, four students per class, which means this year, each of the twelve students will end up with a position.
Sophomore Lily Tuttle, one of the candidates, aims to unite the school. “I’d like to help bring spirit back to the halls. I feel as if we’re at a stage where we’re just putting up with one another, and I want us to have pride in our school, in one another, and pride in what we stand for as Vikings,” Tuttle says. Another candidate, junior Teagan Pickett hopes she can bring a voice back to the student body.
“I want to be an outlet for student voices to be heard and considered on a higher level. I think that, too often, the voices and opinions of the students are not heard or listened to by those who can execute reform, and I want to change that,” Pickett says.
Freshman Nora Knoploh hopes to utilize the new feedback system to incite change at SHS.
“We have gotten so much amazing feedback through this program and it has allowed me to learn that students have issues and problems that they want to be fixed, but that they need someone to listen to them and help execute their plan. My goal as a class officer is to be that person for them,” Knoploh says.