Crystal Ball

photo by lily tuttle

The end of a school year marks the beginning of the long hot days we call summer, and what better way to celebrate another school year than with a beach day?

Come the first day of summer, SHS seniors can be seen at a sandy beach either soaking up the sun or playing games with their friends. Elizabeth Tessier, Olivia Anderson, Kortney Toso, Hannah Thompson, Cambelle Christensen, and Emma Stokes run across the sand, ready to play a game of volleyball. Aiden Tiesman, Devan Smith, Aidan Woehler, Tony Young, and Kaden Robles can be seen gathering around a charcoal grill, ready to dig into a feast of hot dogs and burgers. Ashton Wuennemann is at the grill. Conner Rowin, BreeAnn Olson, Owen Reineke, Liberty Smith, Alaska Haas, and Cameron Montiel are gathered around, plates in hand.

Abby Groleau and Ainsley Staplefeldt are busy scooping up buckets of sand to add to their magnificent sand castle while Ingrid Gibson and Nadia Olveda watch. Kaylea Midthun, Ava Loftus, and Shannon Gibbons each carry buckets of sea water to add a moat to the castle.

Some seniors had taken to looking for things along the length of the beach. Kimberly Clark and Gabby Masten collect shells and rocks to keep as souvenirs for later.

Brooke Thrall and her group of friends, Sam Nelson, Riana Paquette, Isabel Wollangk, and Tori Fisher pierce the air with their blood curdling screams,

“SHAAAAARKKK!!!!!!!!” The students around them flee in terror, fearful that a shark might come up at any moment. But luckily, though, Drake Clark and Zac Caudle rise out of the water, howling with laughter as their clever shark disguises successfully fool the friend group.

Off in the distance we can see Hannah Boyer, G Gibson, Maddie Housley, Alli Krcma, and Emily Newquist dipping their feet into the cool water. Further down the beach Josh Livingston, Landon Lynch- Youngman, and Tobias Schultz are throwing footballs back and forth, splashing around in the dark sea. Others are taking advantage of the refreshing water. Evie Collins, Emma Phillips, Autumn Evenson, and Laz Vogt are lounging around on colorful floaties, eyes peacefully closed.

But what’s that? While splashing in the cool water by the shore, Meredith Thiessen and Brandon Kreger spot a long gray fin rising out of the water in the distance. Jessica Reuter, Tyler Sparks, and Cassie Rott lead a group to swim further out to take a closer look at what all the fuss is about, sure it was another prank.

They swim closer and closer to the buoyant figure, sure that it’s nothing to be afraid of. As they get closer they can make out the dark shape of a…. bloodthirsty shark! They hurry away, but Clare Borchardt and Anja Royko are grabbed by their inflatable floaties and reeled in by the shark’s razor sharp teeth. By thrashing about and hitting the shark on its nose, they manage to escape with their lives. Then, the screaming ensues. Groups of seniors splash their way to the shore. Niko Jemilo, Jayden Zywicki, Luke Pugh, and Tyler Pearson are almost drowned in the fearful riot to evade our sharky friend.

The senior class line up across the beach, some panting in fear, some crying. Luke Vienneau throws up his lunch. Our senior friends who escaped the shark retell their brave story to the rest.

Catelyn Jaskulke and Grace LeBeau shake themselves out of their fearful daze and approach the rest of the class, trying to calm their panicked minds and distract them from the bloodshed in open waters.

As the seniors pack up to leave the beach, they notice something peculiar looming in the distance. While the seniors were in their panic, they were too distracted to notice the water. There is not only one shark from before, but hundreds of sharks now swarming the open sea near the

shore. Dulce Gefke and Lexi Liddicoat scream in terror at the horrifying image before them. Most everyone stands frozen on the shoreline, staring at the blue-gray sea of predators. It was only an act of pure ungodly wrath that could have caused this mayhem witnessed by the students. Although the view was terrifying, the seniors were safe on the beach and had no fear of the sharks from their security of sand and warm towels.