Which Editor are You?


photo illustration by grace greenwald

The Norse Star Editors pose with their corresponding letter.

As you flip through the beautifully glossy pages of The Norse Star, have you ever caught yourself thinking about the faces behind your favorite articles? The Norse Star’s section editors work especially hard to publish the best stories possible for you. If you are curious about these fantastic writers, take this quiz and find out who you are most like!


Favorite Movie?
a. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”
b. “The Conjuring”
c. “The Great Gatsby” 2013
d. “Tangled”
e. “Mamma Mia” 2008
f. The last movie I watched!


Best Way to Relax?
a. Food with friends
b. Netflix
c. Camping
d. Personal attention ASMR
e. Reading a good book
f. Painting


Your Personality in One Word?
a. Hilarious
b. Amazing
c. Creative
d. Gooey/ Spicy
e. Dedicated
f. Passionate


Best Place for a Walk?
a. A busy city
b. A museum
c. A beach at sunrise
d. Hilldale Shopping Center
e. A garden
f. A beach at sunset


Favorite Color?
a. Yellow
b. Pink
c. Dark green
d. Lavender
e. Light green
f. Blue


Best Section of the Norse Star?
a. Sports
b. News
c. Opinions and Cover
d. Arts & Entertainment
e. Features
f. All of them!


If you answered mostly A’s…

You’re Mylah! Being the Sports Editor and highly uncoordinated may seem contradictory, but you’re full of surprises! You love good food and always have a snack in-hand (most likely Goldfish). You may seem all go-go-go, but you enjoy the spontaneous and little things in life.


If you answered mostly B’s…

You’re Bhoomi, our News Editor and Distribution Manager! You have strong opinions and always have a million and one things on your to-do list. Yet, you handle it all with grace and very little complaining. You are loud and love procrastinating but you are also highly ambitious and kind.


If you answered mostly C’s…

You’re Madison, our Graphics, Opinions, and Cover Editor! You’ve got a lot on your plate, but you continue to serve looks every day. You are classy, elegant, and crazy creative. You probably have an iced coffee in hand at all times.


If you answered mostly D’s…

You’re Lauren! As Arts and Entertainment Editor, Associate Editor in Chief, and Business Manager, you love a good laugh. But when it comes down to it, you get things done! You put a smile on everyone’s face, and make the world a sunnier place.


If you answered mostly E’s…

You’re Madeline! Being Features Editor makes you very well-read and full of personality! You love exploring new books, listening to music, and debating with friends. You face challenges head-on and never shy from what you believe is right!


If you answered mostly F’s…

You’re Ava! Being Editor-in-Chief is not easy, but you make everything better with your curious nature and creative spirit. You most likely have an emotional support water bottle you bring everywhere, yet you are constantly dehydrated. It’s clear you have a positive impact on everyone you meet!