There’s Something We Need To Taco ‘Bout


On one early spring day in April, a group of hungry and eager Norse Starians made the short trek to Stoughton’s one and only infamous Taco Bell KFC. The group included staff writers, sophomore Simon Mehring, juniors Grace Greenwald, Bode Jensen, Madeline Monthie, and Kaitlyn Broderick and seniors Ava Parr, Lauren Amstadt.
Upon arrival, the group was immediately hit with disappointment. Even with the large, “Lobby now open” sign, the lobby and indoor dining room were, in fact, not open. Despite the minor setback, the group made do and settled on having a drive-thru food review.
The group had no trouble at all deciding what they wanted to eat. Many were already familiar with the menu. At first glance, the large illuminated advertisement for KFC’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich Big Box Meal immediately drew Mehring’s attention.
Ready to dig in and eat, Amstadt pulled her car forward and began to order.
Mehring’s hopes of having the Spicy Chicken Sandwich were quickly put to rest when the employee taking the group’s orders informed them that the KFC was out of chicken. However, ordering was made a breeze due to the efficiency and work ethic displayed by the workers taking our orders and making our food.
After a few short mishaps, the group had placed all their orders and were ready to dig in. After paying and a very short wait during which we discussed a place to dine, we received our ordered items. Due to the drive-thru-only service, the group settled on the nearby waterfront, and open-air Virgin Lake Park.
All present agreed that Mehring was looking forward to the meal as he, upon arrival, promptly dumped the large bag filled with the items out onto the picnic table.
Mehring and Parr both ordered a Chicken Chalupa Supreme, a flaky and chewy chalupa shell filled with chicken, sour cream, shredded lettuce, cheese, and chopped tomatoes.
Greenwald ordered one of Taco Bell’s most famous menu items, the Crunchwrap Supreme. This included a steaming meat-filled pocket, a choice of either chicken or beef, nacho cheese sauce, crunchy tostada, sour cream, lettuce, and tomato inside the signature hexagonal toasted tortilla.
Amstadt was up for a surprise and ordered another Taco Bell classic, three Doritos Locos Tacos. At first, it may seem like any old taco, but upon inspection, the taco truly was loco. It included a crunchy, nacho cheese flavor dusted shell filled with beef, lettuce, and cheese. Unbeknown to Amstadt, the once-loved cool ranch seasoned tacos that she hoped to order were discontinued in 2019.
Monthie enjoyed a simple classic: a soft taco complete with a warm and chewy flour tortilla packed with seasoned beef, lettuce, and cheese.
Alongside their meals, a majority of the group ordered the Taco Bell exclusive, a Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Due to the broken ice machine, all drinks were unexpectedly lukewarm, fitting for the warm spring day.
Despite ordering the same item, Parr and Mehring had very different opinions on the Chicken Chalupa.
“It’s just, I ate it and I didn’t like it…” Parr says.
However, Mehring had high praises and eventually finished the remainder of Parr’s seemingly untouched chalupa.
“The chicken was so yummy, and really complements the soft and flaky chalupa shell very nicely,” Mehring says. “You can just tell that those vegetables were freshly chopped. They tasted like they were grown right in my backyard.”
Amstadt, too, had mixed feelings about her food. Amstadt originally ordered the #8, accounting for three Doritos Locos Tacos, but, on some fortune, Amstadt received one extra taco waiting to be devoured. Before even ordering, Amstadt knew there was at least one thing she wanted—KFC’s corn and potatoes. However, after a warning against the corn from an employee, Amstadt settled on just the potatoes. Amstadt, a big fan of Mexican food, may have had some high expectations going in. At first, she was decently surprised, but as her meal continued, her approval waned.
“The first taco was great. The second taco, right when I took it out of its wrap, timbered all over my lap,” Amstadt says, describing the way her taco had fallen apart upon impact.
Greenwald was very pleased with not just her meal but with her Baja Blast, as well.
“I kind of liked [the drink] better warm rather than cold. It reminds me of when my parents bought the 20 taco pack in summer when I was young,” Greenwald says.
Monthie, however, was not a big fan of her food. She was not impressed and explained how she had better, more authentic Mexican food.
“I thought it was okay, probably a 2/5, maybe 2.5/5. I probably won’t return, though. The service was very good. The food, not so much,” Monthie says.
Overall, the group was pleased with their trip and encourages you to try out this often overlooked Stoughton classic.