Arts Highlights


Graphic by Madeline Monthie & Naomi Matthiesen. Photos submitted by Ryan Casey, Grace Greenwald, Grace Oettel, Janae Shecterle, Vivian Metcalf, Eliana Thomson, Laura Perry, Ani Allen, Rowan Gunnik, and Hannah Teche.

Within the halls of Stoughton High School, art surrounds us. From the traditional paintings hanging on the walls to the sounds of various instruments near the music wing, SHS has a lot of art to offer. Whether it was in a traditional art class, band, orchestra, choir, writing, theater, or personal art, tons of creative art in all forms was created this year along with valued memories. As the class of 2023 departs from SHS, they shared their favorite highlights of the arts from not only this year, but throughout their time here at the high school.


On Feb. 13, 2023 many students of SHS performed at our annual Pops Concert. Singers included Ella Loup (11), Patrick Lyons (12), Lany Odegaard (10), Connor Lyons (12), Morgan Twedt (12), Molly Gracyalny (11), Annalise Dargel (10), Madeline Olsen (11), Daniel Knoploh (12), Andy Schloesser (12), Sophia Nortwen (11), Anton Royko (10), Noelle Hanson (12), Neveah Smithson (11), Sam Ross (12), Cadence Jemilo (11), Laura Perry (12), and Belinda Akale (12) (pictured right).

This year, many members of our SHS choir took a trip to New York City after fundraising. While there, the Concert Choir performed at Carnegie Hall on March 27.

“The Stoughton Arts program (and the choir program here, specifically) is extremely unique in that we host an all-out-renaissance Madrigal Dinner, a Pops Concert with a professional band, [and we] had the opportunity to perform in Carnegie Hall. [We also] have a high quality Vocal Jazz group (Jazzkor), and more. […] There are so many experiences you gain from Mr. Casey’s class that go far beyond [singing], and it’s one of the most enriching, fun, and unique programs our school has to offer.”
-Laura Perry (12)


“The friends I made in orchestra make [the class] super fun, and we have a good time. The teachers are also super nice and slay. I’ve done orchestra since fifth grade, and it’s a good way to play music and meet people. I like music and art a lot, so it’s a fun way to be able to do that during school.”
-Janae Shecterle (12)


“I loved getting to perform field shows with everyone and seeing all our hard work pay off. [Band] has taught me a lot about time management and how to be a better leader, as well as the importance of practice and dedication.”
-Evan Schmidt (12)


This school year, the SHS theatre department put on several shows, including “The Wizard of Oz,” “Merely Players,” and a night of one act plays (“The Divine Kerfuffle,” “The One Act Play That Goes Wrong,” and “Next”).

“Last year’s production of ‘See How They Run’ was one of my favorite plays. Art has helped me to find a community that I can relate to, and it’s helped me to discover my interests and hobbies.”
-Sam Ross (12)

“I have been in these programs for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t [imagine] my life without them. Through [theatre], I’ve met my friends and had many good times.”
-Owen Weitner (12)


Besides music, there are many more ways to express art. From painting and drawing to pottery, SHS has many passionate students creating art of all different forms. SHS supports this passion through offering many art classes for a wide range of artistic interests; basic art 2-D, basic art 3-D, painting & drawing, printmaking & design, ceramics, computer art, computer illustration & animation, digital photography, advanced art, and advanced ceramics.

“Art has greatly increased my mental stability. I have places to be free and express myself freely and it’s amazing.”
-Hannah Teche (12)

“[Art] has made me more creative and advanced my skills.”
– Natalie Nelson (12)

“[Art] always allowed me to express myself and all the art teachers are amazing people.”
– Rowan Gunnick (12)

“Art has allowed me to express myself and my creativity. [It] also gave me an opportunity to try different mediums and styles of art while learning art history and about how to use different tools.”
-Ani Allen (12)