Rise & Grind Coffee

New Coffee Shop Opens in Stoughton

Rise & Grind Coffee

Zack DeGroff, Staff Writer

On your morning commute down Highway 51 in Stoughton, you may have noticed a little trailer with two flags flying in the wind parked in the Pick n’ Save parking lot. Some may be surprised to know it’s a coffee shop known as Rise & Grind Coffee, located at 1750 US HWY-51.
The trailer is set up as a walk-up/drive-thru stand where you can order coffee. Their coffee roast comes from Wondersate Coffee. The menu serves a variety of other beverages such as teas and smoothies, as well as a few bakery items.
The owners, Phil Harrison, and Morgan Elliott, recently opened Rise & Grind Coffee in August.
Elliott is a barista who has a history and passion for working in coffee and decided to share her talent with other people.
“I’ve been working in coffee since I was 18, so I have always [had a love for] coffee. It’s been something that I’ve gotten more interested in, the more I learn about it, because there’s a science behind it too, […] it’s something that I love to try to improve,” Elliott says.
The other owner, Harrison, works the business logistics of Rise & Grind Coffee. At first, when they were offered the opportunity to buy the trailer and open the coffee shop, the timing was not opportune for them.
Elliott explained, “My old boss had asked if we wanted to buy it when I was six months pregnant with our daughter. I was like, ‘this is awful timing, we can’t do it. No way.’”
After the couple had their daughter, Skylar, they reflected on the opportunity to buy the trailer.
Elliott said, “Man, it would have been really cool if we could have opened that’. And Phil was like, ‘well, why can’t we?’”

photos used with permission by Phil Harrison

After talking with their boss, they worked out a deal to buy the trailer and get the permits in order.
When deciding on locations, they wanted it to be somewhere close to where they live in order to be able to offer something to their community.
Rise & Grind Coffee is open from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every day. When they close for the day, they move the trailer to their commercial kitchen located in McFarland.
At the commercial kitchen, they restock, sanitize, and plug in the in-trailer refrigerator to keep it running.
The couple’s goal is not to compete with local coffee shops, but rather with large coffee companies.
Elliott said, “We want people to be able to come in and just get everything quick while still keeping that quality, keeping it local. ”