Politicize Wisely


Anja Royko, Sports and Arts/Entertainment Editor

With increasing awareness of police brutality, the entire country battling the spread of COVID-19, and the differing decisions school districts have made about returning to in-person education, many distraught people have been unable to escape politics, as everything has seemed to turn into a political battle.

These opinions and arguments were quickly and wrongfully categorized as either “right” or “left” wing views, but that does not mean that they are actually a belief of the said party.

As a society, we should stop applying political labels to non-political arguments.

Every four years, the American people are presented with an opportunity to choose their leader. As we enter the 59th presidential election season, it is increasingly difficult to escape politics. 

It seems like almost everything is related to a political view, but that should not be the case. For example, being against police brutality should not be labeled as a Democratic standpoint. 

As more cases of police brutality have been brought to light, there has been an uproar of movements and protests in an effort to bring about  police reform.

For some reason, many people are under the impression that this is simply a Democratic platform, but that is not the case. 

Republicans can support police reform without abandoning their core beliefs. The murder of innocent—and even guilty victims—should not sit right with anyone, no matter their political stance.

On the other end of the spectrum, being in support of returning to school should not be categorized as a strictly Republican view.

Children in the United States have the constitutional right to an education. 

While virtual schooling may be an acceptable temporary replacement, the system cannot continue this way for much longer without permanent and negative repercussions, in many cases on society’s developing minds. 

Everyone knows that all children have different learning styles, and right now, there are millions of children that are not able to receive the help that they need through a computer screen. 

Wanting to get the most out of your education should not be labeled as a political stance; it is  nothing more than a reasonable  wish.

While these issues may seem to have obvious solutions to their problems, as you look into them more, you may realize that they are almost never black and white. We should strive to be less  impulsive when it comes to making up our minds on important decisions and issues.

If we dismiss an argument solely based on the political stance that it appears to be associated with, then we will never progress as a society. 

It can be difficult to see someone else’s point of view when it comes to any kind of argument, but if we stop politicizing non-political arguments, then maybe we can increase our empathy, understanding, and begin to see where the other person is coming from. 

If we all try to trust in one another, regardless of their political stance, it becomes easier to look at their  point of view without prejudice. 

If we begin to  do that, we will finally be able to have thoughtful conversations as civilized people, solve important issues with greater ease and at a minimum, have a more pleasant Thanksgiving dinner. 


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