Qu-ART-antine, Creativity Through Covid-19


Art by Eve Downie

Emma Phillips, Staff Writer

Throughout those many months, the nation was in quarantine. It became a big trend to post on social media what people were up to while being stuck at home. People made at-home quarantine Olympics with their family, there were fake at-home movie theaters, airplane rides, honeymoons, family projects, and more. However, one of the biggest outlets that kids used while being stuck at home was art. Thousands of people posted during those months the fun, unique home projects and art ideas they had done, from acrylic on a canvas to people completely redesigning their home. These are some of the art submissions given by SHS students during quarantine! Note: all submissions were given with artists full consent                                                       

art by Delaney Gauthier
art by Eveyln Collins

art by Eli Gomez