In the Huddle

Seniors in football react to fall season cancellation


art by Caeli Harman

Theodore Trotter, Staff Writer

Fall Football is a well known community event that involves a lot of aspects. The football team, the band, the cheerleaders, the dance team, the parents in the sports boosters, the band boosters, and of course all the community fans are what makes high school football great. Integral to the whole event is the football team, and at the core of the team is the senior players, who for the most part have worked years to get to this point in their school athletic career. Due to safety concerns by the WIAA and the Dane County health department, the district has decided to cancel the fall season. Since there are no halls to talk in, I reached out through email, asking senior football players to submit their opinion on the decision.

“It’s an absolute joke that we don’t have a season when there are literally other teams playing right now. There has been no COVID spread through any communities so far that have started high school football.” – Rudy Detweiler

It’s sad. I’ve been looking forward to this season since I was a little kid.”- Jonah O’Connor

“Covid is overrated and football should be happening. People are too soft these days.”- Conor Hansen

“It definitely sucks considering 70% of Wisconsin is playing football right now and we are among the few schools that postponed our season till spring. I feel like we should be playing right now, especially since at least half of our scheduled opponents opted to play in the fall.” -Theodore Baldukas

“While it is disappointing we were denied the opportunity to play football in the traditional fall season, I am excited about our upcoming contact days in October and our spring season beginning in March. This team is extremely special and we’re going to continue working hard to give them every opportunity possible to show how special they truly are!”- Jason Becker, Head football coach