Safe Quarantine Destinations

Ava Parr, Staff Writer

After six months of quarantine boredom, you might be looking for some fresh ideas. Here are some fun and safe places to get out of the house and enjoy Wisconsin before the snow falls. 

Wingra Boats, Madison, Wisconsin:

For a unique and fun way to get outside, Wingra Boats–located by Lake Wingra–provides many boat rental options, including stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats. Prices range from about $15 to $35 an hour depending on the equipment.

   This is a really fun and active thing to do while still staying safe. Once you’re done on the water, you can hang out in the park or even get some Michael’s Frozen Custard, which is just four minutes away. I’d definitely recommend getting out there soon before it gets colder!

  Yahara River Trail, Stoughton, Wisconsin

Hiking is a great way to go out and appreciate nature while getting in some exercise. In Stoughton, the Yahara River Trail has multiple segments starting from either the Coopers Causeway walking bridge or the Viking Country Dog Park. Just off the trail, you’ll find the Kiwanis Disc Golf Course. Bring your own frisbee and a friend or family member for a game. 

Abel Art Gallery, Stoughton, Wisconsin:

If you want to go somewhere in downtown Stoughton, Abel Art Gallery is a great choice. They have a lot of unique pieces that you might recognize from Instagram. It’s fun to go there and appreciate the artwork, and they also have a few affordable pieces. Masks are required, but they supply them at the door if you forget. 

Olbrich Gardens, Madison, Wisconsin:

Olbrich Gardens in Madison is a peaceful spot that is great for photography, reading, or just taking a stroll.  At the moment, only their outdoor gardens are open. They’re free of charge, but will always accept a little donation. There are some really special areas, such as the Thai Pavillion, which is covered in real gold leaf and a 30 foot tall tower with views of the lake. Garver Feed Mill, Ledger Coffee, and Ian’s Pizza are nearby, where you can get some coffee or a bite to eat. 

Highway 18 Drive in Theater, Jefferson, Wisconsin:

Even though regular movie theatres are closed, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy watching movies on the big screen. Highway 18 Drive In Theater in Jefferson, Wisconsin plays throwback movies like “Jaws” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Tickets are $10 and you watch from the comfort of your own car. 

Although it seems endless right now, Covid won’t go on forever. We’ll be back to movie theaters, restaurants, and malls eventually. But until then, staying safe doesn’t mean staying bored!