Teachers Have It Worse


Art by Caeli Harman

Gabe Rousseau, Staff Writer

Since March, the students and staff of SHS have had to adjust to the world of virtual learning. Throughout the last seven months, far too often the phrase “Teachers aren’t doing enough” has been uttered. An important thing to keep in mind is that our staff members had very little time to create and devise a plan that would benefit us as students. The world of virtual learning is still a very new concept to not only students, but the staff as well.

After interviewing multiple staff members around SHS, it is easy to conclude that teachers would much prefer if things were back to normal and they could teach their 100+ students in person. Most of the time, teachers are teaching to a black screen, as many students don’t turn their cameras on.

Teachers will go all day without barely seeing any students. “If we were to go back right now, I couldn’t put a name to a face,” says one of the staff members.

While teaching to a blank screen is tough enough as it is, the staff have little to no breaks in between their classes. Students get the rest of the 25 minutes of class before their next one, whereas teachers get five minutes at most. Then the process repeats over and over again.

One of the complaints is that students don’t feel like they are able to learn as well in the virtual environment. What students forget is that teachers have to cram 50 minutes of material from five days a week into 25 minutes only two or three days a week. It is impossible to have the same expectations in the classroom as we did when we were in school.

On top of a crazy school experience, teachers have other work to do, families of their own, and themselves to take care of. There are only 24 hours in a day, and we can’t expect teachers to give us all of them.

Despite everything going on, one staff member wanted to remind us that we are all in this together. Things are tough right now, but the more we stick together, the better we can make things.

Even with the hectic start to the year, some of the staff members have been finding ways to keep themselves active and sane. “I have tried to play tennis weekly with family members, go on walks, [and] spend time outside,” another staff member says.

At the end of the day, this new way of learning is something that all of us at SHS are adjusting to. So the next time you want to complain, think about everything your teachers have done and are continuing to do to ensure the best learning experience for you. Maybe, if you’re willing, send a thank you email or just talk to them for a minute and thank them for all they do. 

While school is not the same and may be even more challenging, put yourself in your teachers’ shoes and remember that these aren’t easy times for anyone.


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