Creation, Interpretation, Imagination

Art. It’s a beautiful thing–one that can be interpreted in infinite different ways. Everyone has created a piece at some point in their lives, no matter how simple or grandiose. It can spark joy, serve as a message, or simply be an outlet and distraction from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.
At SHS, many students participate in some form of art class or extracurricular. With the variety of courses the school offers, there truly seems to be a place for everyone. One area Stoughton High School particularly shines in is their advanced art class.
Junior Eli Gomez is enrolled in this class, and has been in a number of art courses throughout high school.
“[I’ve been creating art] since fourth or fifth grade […] I saw a bunch of people drawing online and I was like ‘Huh, that should be me.’ Then I just started drawing and never really stopped,” Gomez says.
Gomez created a surrealistic piece detailing a group of animals in a dusky wood. The animals are scattered on various outcroppings, and in the center is an eye that all of the creatures seem to share. He used a medium of colored pencils on thick black paper.
“I didn’t really create it with an intended meaning; I don’t know how other people would interpret it,” Gomez claims.
Senior Alex Hefter says the same about his work.
“I relish in the feeling where people look at my art and can’t really tell what it’s supposed to mean,” Hefter admits. “A lot of people seem to enjoy seeing it-enjoy interpreting it in different ways.”
Hefter also has an extensive background in art classes.
“I’ve always been really creative and drew a lot in class. I guess around fourth or fifth grade I [realized] ‘Hey, I really like this; I want to keep doing it,” Hefter says.
Hefter created a piece over the summer of his dog, Penny, using a palette knife with acrylic paint on a canvas.
“Anyone can make art,” Hefter says. “There really is no devolving[…] It just takes a lot of hard work and dedication.”