Ballin’ With the Bros


photos submitted by luke and ty fernholz

Ty Fernholz (#3) and Luke Fernholz (#15) gear up to make a shot in a match against Oregon. The team eventually won with a score of 75-59.

A dynamic duo, a power duo, Batman and Robin, Spiderman and Iron-Man, no matter what you call it, senior Luke (#15) and sophomore Ty (#3) Fernholz, have set an inspiring example for what SHS sports should really be about.
With both brothers now on the same basketball team this 2021-22 season, the Fernholz brothers share what it’s been like on and off the court together.
“It’s been really eye opening since [Luke]’s played basketball a lot more than me and has more experience. It’s easier to learn and to take knowledge from the game from him,” Ty says.
“I think it’s special just because it doesn’t happen very often where two siblings can play together. I mean, having a brother, you play with them and everything, [and] you grow up [together]. Then we actually get to play with each other,” Luke says.
As for on the court, the brothers feel that they hold a competitive edge on opposing teams this year. “We’ve had so much time together, and we also know each other’s tendencies so well. It’s kind of a bonus in a way,” Luke says.
Ty, the younger of the Fernholz duo echoed his point, voicing how as opposed to previous years, this one is the most significant to him.
“I feel like it’s more purposeful [this year]. It’s [Luke]’s senior year. I want to win more than usual. It’s just [a] more purposeful season,” Ty says.
As far as this season goes, the Fernholz brothers show their passion for competition and winning as many games as possible together.
“We’re really close in the fact that we’ve lost three games by two points, and so […] we’re right there. And hopefully in the second half [of the season], we can get rid of our close losses and make wins,” Luke says.
“We’re both really competitive people. So I think both of us, everything we do, we’ve always wanted to win, and growing up, we’d play games with everything, whether it’s on the basketball court, if we’re playing the PlayStation, if we’re doing anything, [we] always want to win and that probably pushes us to get better.”
Ty says, “You get on the court and obviously want to win games. [We] want to play the best that we can and hopefully make it far in the playoffs.”
As brothers on the court together, both Luke and Ty understand the personal aspect to that commitment, and as brothers, they have a special bond.
“I’ve seen all of the unseen hours that people haven’t, so it’s really special to see how much work [Luke] puts in and what he gets out of it. So, it’s really motivational,” Ty says.
“Poised would be a good word to describe Ty with just the way he approaches competition. It’s something that I admire. He’s not going to back down and he’ll step up to whatever comes his way,” Luke says.
Both brothers share their goals for the future with one leaving in May and the other continuing the Fernholz legacy for another couple of years.
“Off the court […] I want to leave these guys in the right way and give them good opportunity to grow. Just so they don’t have to worry about things and I can pave the way for them in their future years. Kind of teach them everything I know,” Luke says.
Ty, on the other hand, voices his determination to stay a strong member of the team and to play as best as he can after his brother graduates.
“I want to make my mark,” Ty says. As for his brother, Ty shares a heartwarming piece of information, granting him an endearing “aww” from his brother.
“My role model is actually Luke,” Ty says. “Just with how hardworking he is, and he’s always been there for me. He’s more of a best friend than a brother.”
With that being said, there really was no better way to sum up their sibling relationship. Luke and Ty Fernholz have definitely distinguished themselves this year and continue to better themselves every day, in and out of practice and basketball games.
“We’ve got each other’s backs.”

Ty Fernholz (#3) and Luke Fernholz (#15) gear up to make a shot in a match against Oregon. The team eventually won with a score of 75-59. (photos submitted by luke and ty fernholz)