Are Sports Everything?

Are Sports Everything?

This article is not meant to invalidate the hard work and dedication that athletes put into their sport. I understand that athletes often get up before the sunrise to train, I understand that athletes put in several hours of practice every day, and I understand how draining a sport can be physically and mentally, but the same goes for academic-focused students.

Academic-focused students train as well, but in a different way. They painstakingly review over work, double-check assignments, and take notes until their hands cramp up. This is all work.

Sports, academics, and non-athletic extracurriculars deserve to be treated the same. However, this is not the current situation in most schools and, unfortunately, Stoughton is a part of this problem. Academics and non-athletic extracurriculars are being neglected both personally and financially. It’s disheartening to see all of the attention that sports get while academics and non-athletic extracurriculars seem to be left behind. Sports get nearly a daily feature on the announcements, they get a never-ending loop on the school televisions, and they get so much more general attention and recognition. Aside from the top scholars for seniors, I haven’t seen much other recognition for academic-focused students, but I’ve seen trophy case upon trophy case for sports.

It is especially frustrating to see all of the time, attention, and money being put into athletic renovations. The money raised for athletics could be put to better use, like funding more non-athletic extracurriculars, repairing other parts of the school that are actually used by all of the students, not just athletes, improving conditions in the building, setting up more programs to help students, upgraded technology, the list can go on and on.

I am not trying to say that athletes shouldn’t get recognition for their abilities because most athletes are legitimately talented and work hard physically and academically to get where they are, but the same recognition needs to be given to everyone based on all talents. Every student has a wide variety of unique talents, not just athletes. All of these talents should all be celebrated, not just athletics. It’s time that every student earns this type of recognition, not just athletes.