Mrs. Sackmann Retires


Whether you’ve been at the high school for four years, or if this is just your first one, chances are you’ve probably had your name called out over the loudspeaker by Mrs. Sackmann, been let into the building by her, or have just seen her around the halls. Nearly every student and staff member here at Stoughton High School has been impacted by Mrs. Sackmann and all of the things she has done for our school over her years here.
After serving sixteen years as the Main Office Administrative Assistant at Stoughton High School, Julie Sackmann has decided to retire.
Although Sackmann has spent many years working in Stoughton, she is not a Stoughton native. Sackmann graduated from Cambridge High School in 1985 and worked at Nikolay Middle School in her hometown of Cambridge for three years before taking her current position at Stoughton High School.
“I decided to work here because I had worked in a school office previously and missed working with students and staff,” Sackmann says about her decision to change jobs from her job in Cambridge to her current position in Stoughton.
Sackmann also has a family full of educators.
“Mrs. Biermeier, the [former] high school agriculture teacher, is my daughter-in-law, and Mr. Maedke, the Business Ed teacher at River Bluff, is my brother-in-law,” Sackmann says. “Also, Ms. Heck, [Stoughton High School’s] former Business Education teacher, is my soon-to-be daughter-in-law.”
As an Administrative Assistant, Sackmann is responsible for providing administrative support and clerical assistance to Stoughton High School. Some of her responsibilities include working on the budget for the building and helping organize graduation, along with planning staff coverages for classes every day.
“My favorite thing that I have achieved here is making sure that we have coverage for all classes each and every day,” Sackmann says about her favorite thing that she has achieved in her career at Stoughton. “It is like putting a puzzle together each morning when I get to the office.”
Throughout her years at Stoughton High School, Sackmann has met many students and made a lot of memories.
“My favorite part of my job is getting to know so many different people and their personalities,” Sackmann says. “I will miss working with all of the great staff that we have here at Stoughton High School.”
The staff will miss Mrs. Sackmann as well.
“I knew this day would come…even great things change. I cannot thank Mrs. Sackmann enough for her hard work as our Stoughton High School Main Office Administrative Assistant. She has gone above and beyond every day to help Stoughton High School keep moving in the right direction,” Michael Kruse says. “Mrs. Sackmann, thank you for all your efforts and support for our students, families, staff, and community! We wish Mrs. Sackmann all the best in her next chapter of life.”
Not only has Sackmann met many students and made a lot of memories throughout her years at the high school, but she has also seen plenty of changes and learned a lot of lessons.
“The thing that has changed most is the technology that is needed to do my job each day. I have had to learn many different computer programs in the last sixteen years that I have been here,” Sackmann says. “[I] have learned so many lessons while working here at Stoughton High School. […] The biggest lesson I have learned is to show compassion for others. You never know what may be happening to someone outside of these walls. Always be kind!”
After retirement, Sackmann plans to spend time up north with her husband, who is also planning to retire this year. The two have recently purchased sixty-two acres of land that they plan to use to camp and ride their ATV/UTVs on. She is also planning home renovations and visiting her grandsons and three sons.
She has also gained lots of wisdom throughout her years at the high school.
“My advice to staff and students is not to take yourself or anything too seriously in your life,” Sackmann says. “Life is short, and you need to live it to the fullest!”