Ski You Later!

Freshman Owen Corbet (below) and sophomore Mason Freye (above) hit matching tail grabs.

As we jump headfirst into the dark months of winter, many people dread the chilly nights, icy roads, and chapped lips. However, there’s a group that’s been waiting for exactly that time of year ever since the spring thaw. Skiers, snowboarders, racers, and park rats alike have been counting down the days until the slopes open again for the season.
Ski season provides an opportunity to stay healthy both physically and socially. Students that don’t play a winter sport, or that have an open Friday night can take the opportunity to get out and enjoy their night on the slopes. No matter what your focus is, hitting the slopes one way or another will provide ample exercise.
Typically, ski trips ran by Mr. Brew are offered every year at Stoughton High School. However, last year was Mr. Brew’s final year hosting ski trips. This means that starting this ski season, SHS is a part of a joint transportation program with the Oregon School District. Every Friday, sixteen seats are available for Stoughton students to sign up for. Each week the location rotates between Tyrol Basin, Cascade Mountain, and Devil’s Head Resort.
Junior Sophia Nortwen takes the ski season as an opportunity to be around friends, as well as improve her skills on skis.
“I love cutting back and forth across the hill at high speeds,” Nortwen says. “This year, I really want to learn how to ski backwards.”
Working on new tricks, as well as making memories with friends and family, are some of Nortwen’s favorite experiences.
“I remember one time there was fresh snow, and my uncle called and pulled me out of school to take me skiing,” Nortwen says. “We stayed out there [on the slopes] for the whole day, barely taking a break.”
Just like Nortwen, sophomore Mason Freye uses his time on the slopes to better his skills, specifically, landing a jump most wouldn’t even try.
“Skiing is important to me because it’s a time to get away from stress and the pressure of the world,” Freye says. “I choose to ski with friends one hundred percent of the time, not only for safety, but because half of the experience is riding the lift, talking, and sharing stories.”
With Winter already knocking on our door, it’s especially important to stay healthy. Less daylight can be demotivating, but it’s all the more reason to get out on the hills and enjoy some runs under the lights.