Dunkin’ Vanilla with Sprinkles

– More sprinkle variety


– Tasty!

– Left a chalky feeling in my mouth.

(4/5 Stars)





Dunkin’ Double Chocolate Donut

– Deeper, darker chocolate


– Would go great with a glass of milk

– Very cohesive frosting and dough taste

(4/5 Stars)




Dunkin’Glazed Donut

– Thinner glaze, but more coverage


– Sweeter, almost caramel-y? 

(5/5 Stars) 






Dunkin Cake Donut

– Drier,  more neutral flavor


– Slightly larger

(2/5 Stars) 





Dunkin Cream-Filled Donut

– Smaller


– Powdered sugar on top = messy

– Oddly chewy

– At least half an inch before the cream

(3/5 Stars)