Fosdal Home Bakery


Fosdal Sprinkles

– Classic, hard to go wrong

– Thicker Frosting

– Slightly bigger

– No weird leftover taste/texture

(5/5 Stars)



Fosdal’s Double Chocolate

– Larger

– Lighter, more milk chocolaty taste

– Frosting provides most of chocolate flavor

(3/5 Stars)


Fosdal’s Glazed

– Not as evenly glazed

– Less flavorful 

– Glazed are my favorite, so I can’t really complain!

(4/5 Stars)


Fosdal’s Cream Filled

– Less space between dough and cream

– Frosted

– Tastier cream, more vanilla-y

(5/5 Stars)


Fosdal’s Cake

– Frosted,  more flavorful

– Almost lemon-y flavor (probably the frosting) 

(3/5 Stars)