Making Time To Move

art by Caeli Harman

art by Caeli Harman

Caeli Harman, Head Artist and Staff Writer

Looking for a way to keep moving? This month I reached out to the students of SHS on Snapchat to ask them how they have stayed active during quarantine. The word bubble to the right is a collage of their responses (the biggest words are the most said). 

Still looking for ways to stay active? 

Here are some other ideas:

Inside the community there are many places to go to stay active while staying safe!

  • Gym memberships : 
    • Primal Strength & Fitness Gym ($25 per month for students with a student ID!)
      • Student members at Primal: Gabe Rousseau (11), John Harman (11), Ryan Lamers (11), Derrick Hill (11), & Quinn Grovesteen-Matchey (10) 
    • Anytime Fitness: $34.99 per month with full 24 hour access to the gym, including classes
  • Parks open for walking, basketball, tennis, and other activities. 
  • Hiking at Devil’s Lake

Not wanting to leave the house? Is it dreary

graphic by Caeli Harman

and rainy? Have no fear! These are some ways to stay active in the comfort of your home:

  • Apps on phone (Leap Fitness Group’s Workout Apps)
  • School’s conditioning app: Teambuildr
  • Workout videos from YouTubers (Chole Ting, Yoga with Adriene, and Fitness Blender)


Contributors include: 

Evie Collins (11), Helena Kohlhoff (10), Jasmine Molnar (12), Emma Mueller (12), Niko Jemilo (11), Lindsey Bakken (12), Amelia Rhinerson (12), Bella Jerrick (12), Alexis Abing (12), Hannah True (12), and Eve Downie (11).